Speed Doctor Bearing Co. Lube

Speed Doctor Bearing Co.

Purchase a Speed Shot syringe applicator and enjoy the peace of mind of having the absolute best bearing oil on the market.  We don't make unproven, unsubstantiated 'shabonie' marketing claims about how it bonds on a molecular level, is 'nano' or contains ceramic particles.  This oil is engineered specifically for the 608 bearing which is used in refrigeration motors.  As is such it must maintain its viscosity while in continual use under temperature extremes.  It is the perfect lube for your steel or ceramic skate and longboard bearings and great for all weather conditions and extremes.  An all natural oil, synthesized from plant amino acids, it is non-toxic and won't harm the environment.  Skate faster, get more air and push less using Speed Doctor bearing lube!  
  • Made from plants, not petroleum based
  • Waterproof; will not displace, gunk up or attract dirt like other oils.
  • Non-toxic.  Safe around pets and children.  Safe for the environment.
  • Thin, long lasting and fast!
  • Freeze point of 70 below zero! Perfect for year round skating.
  • Made and packaged in the USA!

Speed Shot syringe

  • 1/3 Fluid Ounces in Syringe 1/2 Fluid Ounces in Bottle
  • Allows easy application with an easy to carry, travel size dropper bottle.

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